• Lonicera maackii (personal shoppers only)
Apple blossom pink buds adorn this lovely shrubby honeysuckle which grows to about 15' tall and 8' spread with us. Ours faces west and gets quite a lot of sun from about mid day onwards. It's one of the prettiest and the flowers open to cream, still flushed with pink and turn yellow as they age.  Sun or partial shade, moist, well-drained soil. Stunningly lovely.  Marked 'Out of Stock' as it's far too large to send out.  As Raymond says, you wouldn't get one of these plants into a Mini!  Please ring 01803 762273 to reserve one for one week only.  NB:  We have very few left.

Lonicera maackii (personal shoppers only)

  • Product Code: Lonicera maackii (personal shoppers only)

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