Independent Plant Nurseries Guide

Many people want to support independent local nurseries but following various social media conversations it became obvious to 3 horticulturalists that often finding those nurseries was easier said than done. So the 3, Matthew Currie who has put the site together, Sacha Hubbard and Sara Venn began discussing a way to support the businesses and often friends whose nurseries they passionately believe in.

Quickly nurserymen from across the country were getting in touch, and asking to be a part of the guide and gardeners young and old were suggesting their favourite local nurseries The guide is very much a work in progress and we hope by releasing it that more and more independent nurseries will come forward and be a part of this extraordinary project that is shining a light on our British horticultural experts and helping gardeners, both new and experienced, to access the wealth of knowledge carried in these nurseries. From Scotland to the Channel Islands there are many nurseries to chose from and so the guide offers not just your local information, but also helps arrange trips further afield.

All the work has been done on the guide completely voluntarily and we hope that with this as the ethos behind the Independent Plant Nurseries Guide, that the guide will also help nurseries to support and find each other. The guide is very much a first stage in finding out where independent nurseries are based, with links to websites and phone numbers so customers can phone ahead to ask specific questions. We hope it will progress into different guises, making it inclusive and available to all. We hope it will be received well and help people to support our wonderful British growers. We welcome any feedback.

For further information please contact

Sacha Hubbard

Sara Venn  07786 194805

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